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Minting (Mining) cryptocoins

Cryptocoins came to market.

Veriety of cloud-regulated currecies created crypto-currency based markets and economies. 

Passing a long way from peer-to-peer payments between enthusiasts in early stages of development cryptocoins conqured the cyber world.

Despite regular and intensifying security and identification issues rate, global community approved broad use of blockchain as a core technology.

Central banks and global, regional and niche leaders are sriving to get share already at R&D development stage. 

Craving support from public, holding are increaseing over time their media and PR spendings and resourses.

Evident example is 

capitalisation of crypto market  ----- compared to ---------funds allocated by BigBanks and FinTeh (IT) companies solely in precise state NY or NV.


Canada minting gold and silver coins. 

Trends are following request for cooling and diversified energy production:

Favorable climate conditions

Resourse spending cut with GREEN techs

Iceland enjoys thermal power multilixed with ever-ice belt earth layer.

Economic impact

Jobs Jobs Jobs for all related industries with added value of complied peronnel quality.

Taxation for new entities. Offshore investments.